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Some people have a nervous system that predisposes them to severe likes and dislikes. For example, some people eat only certain limited foods and cannot eat anything else. “Daniella” would not eat anything other than eggs and bread and butter in her childhood, and by the time she arrived at my office at the age of 30, this had expanded to pasta, meat, some cooked onion and the occasional tomato sauce. But she still could not eat fruit or vegetables, which she dearly wanted to.

I explained that I use Emotional Freedom Techniques and how it works. EFT for short, it is a combination of special acupressure with targeted releasing wording. This has the effect of releasing the energy disruption that causes negative emotions and unwanted behavior. We are then free to feel calm and enjoy the activities that we want to. I asked Daniella to bring with her some foods that she would like to eat if she could. Daniella arrived with a bag full of fruit and vegetables. She had some microwave cooked vegetables, an apple, and a bag of lettuce. We decided between us that we would target the apple to work on in this session, and leave the others for another time.

The next thing we did is check where Daniella was at that stage with her fruit challenge, so we can take it gently step-by-step till she could happily eat an apple. I asked her on a scale of 10-0, where 10 was the worst, to rate her apple challenge. Looking at or licking the apple was a complete 0, and to prove it, she licked the apple and felt nothing. So I asked her where the problem lay. She said it was in biting the apple, which was at an 8 out of 10.

So we tapped on “Even though I have this feeling about biting the apple” and also on the taste and texture. We tapped two rounds, and it remained about the same. Daniella then clarified the feeling by calling it an anxiety about biting the apple. So we used that, and we also introduced the 9-gamut, an EFT brain-balancing exercise, and the number went down to a 5. After another round like this, it was down to a 4 out of ten. This was very good. I explained to Daniella that she must not try to eat the apple unless the number is all the way down to zero. We then tapped on different aspects as they came up, including fear of biting the apple, fear of chewing it, fear of the hard skin, and so on. The numbers went to zero, and Daniella eagerly grabbed the apple. I then instructed her to just bite and spit it out as I tapped on her, which she duly did. Then she took a bite and chewed and swallowed it!

It took less than an hour for Daniella to overcome a lifelong block in her path, and she was absolutely delighted. I gave her EFT instructions in case she wanted to continue the work at home, which she said she was keen on doing and we parted with a happy hug. EFT is truly remarkable. I am so pleased that Daniella is now finally free to enjoy this simple pleasure of life; eating a delicious apple!

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