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Are you doing Reiki training? Or perhaps you have just done your Reiki 1 and want to make sure you do it right.

You get your attunements or empowerments, and then you have to do your clearing and cleansing process in 21 days of self-healing. After the initial excitement as calmed down, you may find some challenges with the self healing process. The biggest worries are being unsure if you are doing it correctly.

Of course, Reiki goes to wherever it is most needed for the Highest Good, so all you need to do is put your hands anywhere and allow the healing to happen. But that is easier said than done. I know, I have been that unsure new Reiki healer myself.

Apart from putting your hands anywhere and allowing the healing to happen, there are other considerations, self-healing suggestions, hand positions, and many refinements. Some refinements are to do with the start of the session. It is good to give thanks for our many blessings, r example, and you may wish to incorporate that by saying thanks at the beginning and end of each self-healing. And most healers like to use psychic protection before carrying out the healing. So you can, if you wish, start off by saying ” Thank you for the healing I’m about to receive, and I ask for protection to allow the good in only”. Then simply place your hands anywhere at all and let the healing happen.

Although your Reiki discipline may have suggested hand positions, you may find that at times, you need a simple and quick healing that you can incorporate into your day, rather than miss some days of healing because of time constraints. A simple healing is to put your hands anywhere and meditate on the Reiki Principles. You can also give yourself a healing without saying the Reiki Principles.

You may notice colours, visions, and feelings during the healing, you may get insights into various challenges, or you may feel nothing at all. This is all OK. It is perfectly normal and fine. Maybe you compare your self-healing to a Reiki session you have had before your initiation to Reiki. It is easy to assume that because it feels different, you are not doing it correctly or feel that something is amiss. If so, you may be comforted to learn that this is simply due to your ego getting in the way, and you are doing the right thing reading this, so that I can tell you. It is so hard getting out of the way and letting the healing happen. But it gets better with practice, practice, and more practice. And that is just what you are doing.

Keep up with the self-healing, and you can notice the difference in due course. Enjoy the learning and the journey.

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

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