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This is part of a series of articles detailing the work of one man releasing his money blocks. Stewart is working on his money abundance blocks with EFT. To give you some background, he has two avenues for making money. One is supplements MLM and the other is Forex trading.

I am pleased to say that after some sessions, he is now making more trades on the Forex front. Amongst other things, he worked on the flowing common blocks to success: The last time he had financial success and lost it all; a present potential financial threat; ex-wife financial issues; debts from something that went horribly wrong in the past; childhood events where Stewart felt incompetent.

These blocks were so bad that Stewart had a cheque for $20000 that he had not cashed, sitting in his home, part of his inheritance from his late mother. But he has now cashed it!

The nice thing about EFT is that it can release emotional blocks completely. Stewart had been seeing psychologists for years and getting insights but insights are pretty useless if you still feel incompetent and that any money you make will be taken away from you. With these feelings gradually releasing, Stewart finally is making more trades and has a plan for dealing with past debts.

The MLM challenge remains. Stewart has an excellent plan how to increase his down-line with 9 more legs – super-persons selling for him. And although he has perfected the study of excellent sales training and bought leads to call, there were sizeable emotional blocks stopping him from making the calls. He identified a fear of rejection. This was an 8 out of 10 in relation to making the calls. As he tapped on this subject, specifics came up for tapping, including past relationships with two women in particular. As he tapped on this, Stewart said the Freudian slip of “I need rejection”. This led to much tapping on relationships where he confused not-rejection and not-anger with nurturing. And of course, if he was always seeking not-rejection, then that was what he would attract, rejection. He kept tapping and releasing, sounding calmer as he continued. The fear of rejection went down to a 4 out of 10. There was much more work to do, and other aspects would come up. In terms of aspects, the most successful strategy can be to treat each major event or incident as a separate aspect. Do not worry about having to tap on every single event. Once you have worked on about 10, you will have also collapsed about 100 related ones. This is because the effect generalizes over other related incidents.

Stewart then agreed to EFT on his previous disastrous telemarketing experience working for a particular company. This is important, as he had said that he had ended up “depressed, homeless and broke” as a result. At some point, Stewart questioned why we should go to an adult trauma rather than only childhood events, and that is a very good question. This is common with clients who have been through psychotherapy or counselling. However, EFT is neither, you see. EFT releases energy disruptions, and if the best way to access an energy disruption is to go beyond childhood, so be it. And if the best way to access that particular energy disruption is to go to a childhood event, that is what is best on that occasion. But we should not make the mistake of totally ignoring adulthood trauma, as any serious trauma will leave its energy imprint in us and has to be released if we want to feel better. So, even though he was led to the disastrous telemarketing experience due to his childhood trauma, the telemarketing experience in of itself is also a big trauma. Certainly, any experience which led to being broke, depressed, and homeless is a major trauma not to be ignored, regardless of when it occurred.

Stewart had forced himself to do the telemarketing job in order to help him get over social anxiety (not recommended, by the way). This experience was a 9 out of 10. We reduced it to a 6. After this tapping, Stewart reported that the calls seemed less daunting. They were not yet being made, but they were less daunting. For the next session, Stewart made notes on what it felt like to try and make those MLM calls, and he worked on them in the following session, weaving in and out through to the disastrous telemarketing experience, childhood aspects, and using inner child parts EFT.

The big telemarketing experience is not done yet, and the related childhood energy disruptions are by no means gone yet. However, Stewart has now gone ahead and built two websites for the MLM side of his business, and that is a step in the right direction there. And of course, he is making more Forex trades and has cashed the cheque. He is gradually and surely going in the right direction. I will update you with more on Stewart’s progress in the future.

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