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Sometimes, we heal everything exotic and completely miss the obvious. And sometimes, we need to clear our energy disruptions on the surface in order to get to the real practical blocks in our path.

This is kind of what happened in the latest session with “Zahra” (not her real name). Zahra has her own business in complementary health. She was very successful, making a good contribution towards her and her husband’s house bond (mortgage) and having good spending money left over each month. Then she went into a downward spiral, resulting in a real slump, her worst ever, and came to me for help.

We did a number of techniques, including chakra colour healing, Reiki, EFT, muscle-testing and Laser. In the first session, we cleared some deep disturbances at the chakra level. For example, her Root chakra was pretty blocked, and we unblocked it. Afterwards, Zahra felt great, but a few weeks later, became deflated and felt really down. Business was still not picking up, Zahra had given up on answering the phone, and many sales enquiry emails were simply piling up. Hot leads were going cold. I tested Zahra for some obvious culprits and came up with a candida overgrowth and a neurotransmitter imbalance. We treated the latter with Laser and I referred her for a herbal solution for the former. We also did EFT on some abundance-related issues, such as a time when her father gave her sister more money and said to Zahra “You are not my child” when she asked for the same amount, which, by the way, was not true. We also tapped on some practical motivation goals, such as sitting down and answering her emails.

In all the previous sessions, Zahra was lying down whilst I did the work. In the last session, I just had an intuition that it was best to sit up, doing talking problem-solving and tapping to release any blocks around the solutions. And what came up was astoundingly simple. Zahra’s business started to slump since she started working from home. She had wanted to be with her children and husband, doing a Superwoman act, all whilst running her business from home, instead of her previous business premises. Her youngest child was very demanding and would want attention all the time. Zahra was unable to get on the phone without him screaming in the background, and when she went on her computer, he would get up to mischief whilst she was concentrating on work. We explored various solutions and came up with putting him in nursery school and getting business premises again asap. We worked out the figures, in-between rounds of tapping, and found out that her husband will have to lend Zahra the money for the first months’ nursery school fees. And although she had asked him before, this time we had the figures and a solid plan. Zahra left inspired and got her husband’s agreement this time. Her son starts at nursery in the next couple of weeks, and she is looking at business premises to rent.

If you are battling to get back on course, or indeed to get your business started in the first place, have a good long look at the facts and figures, and ask yourself if there are actual practical blocks in your path. These can be simple to solve, once you have figured out how.

Zahra’s business is now very successful and going from strength to strength. Well done, Zahra.

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

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