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We are fortunate to have a fully supportive  team who do a sterling job in helping to bring the word  to more people,  and we  now  have  an opportunity to become members  of  the community TV station of Cape Town TV!

So, you have the opportunity of your association, and therefore your details as a practitioner (if so), your certification, and everything about this association that is important to you, to be given more kudos by the TV coverage.

And then people can say “I saw you on TV”!

As a community station what they provide is unrivalled  for the  cost.  For  only R1000.00 we  get full community organisational membership,  which allows  the Energy Healers  Association  NPC&NPO to have  the ability to promote our Non Profit through Cape Town TV with direct TV ads to the public, plus program slots.

This will be  a  huge  help in helping our Practitioners & Members,  in the creating of an environment whereby you as a member of  the  Energy Healers Association can get suppor , raise awareness and  other benefits, such as  low  cost advertising and  once  we have full funding a  ‘home of  our  own’ with fully equipped networked offices  etc.

We can also get support for  our  projects  by doing this, by helping you to get the word  out and getting you the support you need. In my humble opinion its a  win win for  everybody.

We met a  wonderful person who has offered  to help us  create  awareness by doing a 12 hour spinathon early next year.  The  spin-a-thon will help us raise  funding.  And to raise awareness for the spin-a-thon, we have an offer from Cape Town TV that we can take advantage of.  But to do this  we  need  your help.

We  need your  help to get the  R1000.00 membership fee for Cape Town TV.

Once we have  the  funds,  the Association can then get all the benefits  of  being a member  of  Cape Town TV, and with that comes  publicity.

We  ask you please, please  give  generously, as  none of  the money donated will ever be  wasted  or  frittered  away and  all the members  will benefit in the long run.

Please donate  today, directly to our registered charity Bank Account
FNB Bayside: 62339126345
Branch Code:203809
IBAN Number/Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

If you dont like  doing direct bank to bank you can use Given Gain (obviously we  prefer the  direct route  as  we  get more  however this  link is  provided  as an alternative for those  who are worried about security)
By the way, giving generously does not always involve giving your own money!  You can just share this on your Facebook and ask your Facebook friends to help. Suzanne already raised half the money already this way  🙂 through sharing and showing they care  they helped  perfect strangers because  they believed  in our cause,  come on you can do it.  Click that share button!

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