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Catherine contacted me with this beautiful story about how she helped her children adjust to a new school and a whole new country ~ Suzanne

EFT is so magic in my life.

London EFT Practitioner Helps Her Children Adjust to New SchoolMy family and I have just moved to London on the 3rd of September after living 5 years in Spain. Being just for few weeks in a new country, new place, making new friends was very hard for my twins. They were “only” able to speak Italian, Spanish or Catalan, so when they started school, they were crying their heart out everyday; it was so hard for me and for them.
So I decided to do some surrogate tapping on there behalf. I was so sad and desperate to be able to help them settling down. What came out was that they were scared that I will go back to Spain again but without them, they were afraid because no grown up was able to communicate with them, luckily enough there was some Italian kids who was translating. I started doing EFT on Francesco, about his fear of having no friends, be without his mother, not being able to communicate with grown up. After few rounds, all his fears collapsed and now he is an happy bunny, enjoying going to school every day.

Well, for my other boy Antonio, it was an different matter. Basically he had the same fear as his brother but on top of it, what most upset him was the fact that he was frustrated:


    • of not being able to communicate, ( he said nobody love me at school because my heart is too big, and because I am Italian)


  • not being able to be heard, ( he didn”t want to go to school – why nobody listen to him -and me and the teachers obliged him to stay in class)



  • and very upset against me for bringing him to school every day, because he loved me and didn’t understand why he couldn’t stay with me. He thought that I didn’t love him.

After few hours of tapping, and new aspects showing up, he finally settled down very nicely.
Honestly, I don”t know how I could have manage without EFT.

Catherine Brau Pouget
07900 293 824

Catherine practices EFT in Swiss Cottage and the City of London and is happy to do home visits

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