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Interview with Almira Amazing healing artist in Cape Town
by Suzanne Zacharia

When I met Almira, I was intrigued. We met by happy coincidence when Almira arrived at a Reiki workshop I was running. Her gentle manner and enthusiasm are endearing, and she explained that she is moving in a new direction in life, that of channeled art. I had heard of automatic writing before, but channeled art was new to me. I asked Almira for an interview and am delighted that she has accepted.


1. Tell me Almira, which came first for you, the art or the spiritual side of things?

The Spiritual. After my divorce I bought a tarot deck which also inspired me to start my own range of fairy decorative artworks. The more I searched for spirituality the more I wanted to create. I found myself when ever I had free time I was either reading spiritual books or creating some form of art. I was very much attracted to fantasy art, the more imaginative and glitter the better. In the past I could only admire other artists art and never dreamed of me being an artist one day but yet it was something my heart yearned for, but my ego was telling me different, like 1) I don’t have enough energy left to go study art at university 2) I had to work from an young age to keep the pot boiling so where on earth would I get the money to pay for studies and keep the pot boiling. 3) And I don’t have years to work on an professional career I needed money now. In my mind there was an zero chance for me to study never mind studying art was out of the question because in my mind all artists only become famous and rich after they leave the planet or art as a professional career was for someone who doesn’t need money fast and have partners to support them. The spiritual books that came my way were perfect together with the timing. After every book I was left with answers and questions and knew this is going to be an ongoing spiritual journey on mind, body and spirit. And what an journey! Creativity is where God meets human and I am there 24/7.

2. What do you channel? Is it spirit guides, loved ones who have crossed over, or information that comes to you?

I will answer by saying a bit of all, messages from your spirit guides, loved ones that crossed over, and in your mind (inside the aura) and from the Angels and God. I am just the messenger and trust what ever healing needs to be done on a deep spiritual level or messages that the spirit guides wants the person to know will come through. Of course always trusting that I only channel for high vibrational energies that are from the purest Christ light. I don’t really want to know the information as these paintings can be intense, for reasons to not receive to much information (overload) respect for another’s privacy and to prevent me from becoming too judgemental. Sometimes I do get thoughts which I then believe to tell as this would not have been revealed to me if the Angels and Guides didn’t want me to know. Its the Angels way of saying pleeeze tell them!

3. How Wonderful! And how does this manifest for you? Do you find yourself just drawing it or do you see it first in your mind’s eye then draw it?
I don’t really see a painting but I do feel inspired to do a painting not always sure what the painting will be but knowing before the time what color I need to buy. And when I feel ready which doesn’t take long normally for me on the weekends I get myself ready and just go for it, that’s the way with my abstract art. But with my portraits I take a long time as this is drawing the person first then coloring in and of course connecting with the person, this can take from three days solid or an week as I work full time. I have done a few portraits for family and friends and when I hand them over the amazement they show in their eyes is enough for me to believe it changed a part of them and to see themselves for the first time in a different spiritual light and feedback of how another person sees them.

I do wish sometimes in the future to be able to hold a vision long enough to paint on canvas. I would want to use the visions for painting crossed over loved ones and spirit guides but that will be so in the future.

I find it far more exciting painting abstract tarot readings because I receive so much more messages and see far more guides than if I had to paint an portrait of you. When it comes to painting abstract I just go when I am ready! I have in the past been inspired by a dream and painted an blue lady and today I love that painting to bits.

4. It sounds like you go with the flow. When did you first draw or paint channeled art? What was the occasion? Did it come as a surprise to you or the person you were working with?

It was in 2006 when I felt inspired to buy a panel and paint. Never touched acrylic paint or painted on canvas. I was on my way out to meet someone but had an urge to paint before I go. I took a brush painted the entire canvas yellow after that I emptied all the colors of about 12 different tubes on the panel just dropping the paint on not controlling any of it, then stood back walked forward took both hands fingers, ran it through the paint from top to bottom, turned around went to wash my hands, when I returned and look at it I suddenly saw very clearly wizards, witches, birds, snakes, sharks I couldn’t believe it and took it as purely having an imagination that can run away with me when I fantize.

So I can honestly say from my very first painting entities came through and this painting I call myself “my masterpiece” because when I finished it I said jokingly, “and this is a master piece by Almira “. This was a big surprise for me that left me with an story to reveal itself as the months went by. This painting is still with me and every other day I see it I still see new things. I love to say it walks along with you on your spiritual journey. This painting inspires me to tell people hey you have an story dammit Janet.

It’s the spiritual story people need to start seeing and this alone will bring them higher understanding of themselves to realize they are more and better than they think they are, a huge lift of from depression, boredom and even illnesses. I have been told I am crazy and love it because if you want an good conversation with me tell me your spiritual story not your ego story over a cup of tea. Because of my surprise I say people if I can man then you can too maybe even better than I. Lets get started!

5. Speaking of the spiritual side of us, you are also a Reiki healer. How does Reiki fit into the picture for you? Has it for example been helpful to developing your channelling ability?

Yes I have Reiki 1 and 2. Reiki did help and still does. I used Reiki to heal myself mainly. I do believe that Reiki plays an big part when I channel my painting because I have seen the changes in people when they look at it, and I know on an deeper spiritual level it does healing where it is needed.
I also believe not knowing what is being healed is truly letting go of it but if you are told, you will analyze, judge and think about and you put it right back.

We don’t need to know old traumas and pains on a deeper level because it is partly not worth wasting the time on it for discussion for it is already healed in the aura but just need to leave the body. The eye can also be a form of receiving Reiki healing energy. I find myself often encouraging strangers, colleagues and friends and do believe my eyes allow healing to them. Hence my feeling exhausted after a day at work. I also make a habit to send positive thoughts to animals, humans and myself as this is another form of healing. I trust again what needs to be healed will. Everything is perfect and perfect timing. The job of the messenger according to me is I have to be positive in mind, body and spirit 24/7.

6. My guess is that during Reiki healing, you also get images and messages. Is that right? And do you ever want to draw what you see afterwards, or do you find that it leaves your mind afterwards?

I am not yet seeing the aura or the energy of entities around us when channelling or when healing is offered but trust again I am safe warm and loved and helping another makes me happy and so many above. Sometimes when I do Reiki healing on myself I do get thoughts or feelings. I haven’t done much healing on others besides the times at the courses but I am ready now. I do get thoughts and feelings. Once I have told the person my thoughts I let it go. I do however see an opportunity to use in my healing and use the lesson to make it my own and let the rest go. Perhaps in the future I will receive messages and vision for others now that I have started walking this road. Before it was mostly for me. I don’t know what I will do when I receive visions often but I do know I already have a struggle to keep myself in when I see an beautiful sunset or an expression on a child’s face or something funny happens I just want to paint and paint. Sometimes I feel frustrated and realize even I have limits for I can’t paint everything”;” I am self taught artist. I have a love for the sea but painting water is difficult and will need a lot of practice so it’s not a matter of just painting for what ever I see but I tell you this”;” I will try if the urge is strong enough. Frustration is there but it teaches patience. And if the universe will give me my own world to paint where I can use color, color, color and glitters I will be in another Heaven.

7. That makes sense. After all, color is a frequency/wavelength of vibration and glitter is light. And the idea of surrogate or distance healing is familiar to most energy healers. Psychometry takes this a step further, where one can get psychic information about a person or situation from looking at a picture. Do you also channel from a picture, or does the person have to pose in front of you?

Yes I can channel from a picture and do so with my portraits just as a guide line because the painting will be of how I see you and not an exact copy of the picture. When it comes to my abstract (tarot reading on a canvas) then I don’t need a photo but just use the method of thinking of you and trust the info will flow. I don’t want to paint when someone sits in front of me for various reasons”;” I love to chat, also I need to be in a relaxed state to paint. I love to play on my own. I also don’t like the person to influence the painting with their energy for they will feel bored and cause blockages in me, for I will feel this and will then try control the painting by being quick or perhaps even my ego interfering as people do see art as an talent. I wish to keep my feet on the ground by only being the messenger.

8. And if someone wanted to develop this ability in themselves, what would you advise them to do?

The recipe to achieve any goal is to think very clearly of what it is that you want, if you don’t know, hand it over to your soul and allow it time to be revealed to you. Then ask the universe to give your goal to you. Trust that it will be delivered. Take what ever steps are available to you at any given time and start walking because it does depend what you are asking for. If your heart’s desire is to be a pilot then you have to learn to fly first, start flying in your mind everyday to attract it to you quicker. Be patient with yourself and the universe, and practice practice practice. Observe, talk to, learn from others in the field you wish to go. Copy their technique and try your own, don’t be shy, don’t take no for an answer, don’t be afraid to ask people or God for help, be open to learn, attend classes many free lessons on Internet and don’t forget to say thank you’s as you travel up your road to freedom. Fake it till you make it. One of greatest gifts from God to us is our imagination and we are only using ten percent of it. Start your imagination juices”;” that is where ideas are born and wishes come from, the rest your guides and God will deliver. PS: Dont keep asking the same thing for everytime you ask, your guides and universe have to start from scratch. Learn to TRUST yourself and thats when you trust God. Go within or go without.

9. Words of wisdom indeed. Finally, where do you see this gift taking you in the future?

The journey I am on is very exciting and open to so many possibilities that I am not yet aware of but I do know that I want to be a very successful artist and make a difference in people’s and animal’s lives. I have achieved something I only dreamed of and a wish that I thought could never some true because my ego said so. Today I know better and in just that I can see one opportunity to teach people not believe or thrust their ego”;” that wishes do come true no matter how impossible that wish is, and if you hand over to your soul things beyond your imagination will happen to you.

You can view some of Almira’s paintings on – just search for “Almira” on the site. Almira is contactable from South Africa at 071 308 1308.

Wishing you inspiration and motivation always,

Suzanne Zacharia

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