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How You Benefit The Poor and Disabled

Your Help Will Help Us To Help More Poor & Disabled People Without Access To The Programs We Run

Our techniques are cost-effective, relatively easy to learn, and easy to apply but to get them to more people, we need your help, to get the trainers to the areas where help is sorely needed, to help those who cannot pay for much-needed help, and to spread the word about our work, so that people can get the support they need.

You will be directly contributing to the children and families that are in dire need and who this charity will help break the cycles of poverty, violence, disease, and addictions, helping them to become healthier happier, peaceful people. Please support our cause. We are in South Africa, and our plan is to be wherever needed.

Donate today, Here’s how you do it

Please donate today, directly by bank transfer to our registered charity Bank Account

if at all possible (minimizing banking charges):
FNB Bayside: 62568185203
Branch Code:203809
IBAN Number/Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

To donate by card click this link

What We Aim To Achieve

The Energy Healers Association is here to represent to promote the use of excellent energy healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and Reiki to help people deal with traumatic events, get off drugs, manage pain, help prevent dis-ease, and help people to heal and become productive members of society again.

The Energy Healers Organisation has been chosen by the community to be the assessment body (Assessment Quality Partner or AQP) to make sure that the skills imparted are of the highest quality in an accessible affordable way.

So to empower the poor and rural communities with skills that help the community, we as the Energy Healers Association NPO go to the rural areas to train and the EHO Assessors then assesses the students who then can then  get employment or start their own community based business.

As the old saying goes, to have a healthy body, you need a healthy attitude.

A positive proactive outlook is empowering millions of people today to live longer and be healthier because they are choosing to be proactive. Our cutting-edge use of modern energy modalities helps people to help themselves.

What We Currently Do

The Energy Healers Association currently do the following, all on a voluntary basis:

  • Help people manage their chronic disease and disabilities better.

  • Train practitioners who are already in a caring position in their community, such as school assistant, community worker, teacher, healer, community elder, etc, so that they can have a simple, cost-effective addition to their community helping toolkit that can help even further. we do not believe in simply going out there and helping people ourselves, but empowering communities to help themselves in a sustainable way.

And the saying goes, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will have food for life!

  • Help troubled couples release their disagreements, thereby preventing divorce and the ensuing poverty and strife (which happens in many cases) for the mother and children.

  • Help people to take simple holistic actions, including simple acupressure and life principles, in order to maintain or improve their health.

    • Help people in Cape Town to come off Tik, Alcohol, and other drugs. As you can see in the News section of our website, with real stories of real people.

    • Help people, including women and children to overcome trauma, such as rape, violence, and childhood abuse.

  • Help children feel more confident in their studies, whatever the level of their ability, so they can have a better chance of a good life..

What We Want To Do With Your Help & Support

 child in the door, village near Kalahari desert, Botswana

With your help we can expand our reach to include the rural poor areas which are hard for the poor and rural communities to get easy and affordable help they need. With your donation support , you enable to act now to reach people who would otherwise be lost in the system forever before it starts. With your donation we can help improve the lives of thousands of the vulnerable and poor so that they can be part of mainstream society and be productive members of society and perhaps even give back to their local communities.

Your Donation Will Help To Reduce Poverty And In Doing This Generous Donation Will Help the Vulnerable & Disabled

Donate today, Here’s how you do it

Please donate today, directly by bank transfer to our registered charity Bank Account

if at all possible (minimizing banking charges):
FNB Bayside: 62568185203
Branch Code:203809
IBAN Number/Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

We already help with Cancer patients deal with the effects and emotional issues, abused women and Tik addiction in Cape Town and with remedial classes at a Cape Town school. But more work is needed, not only in the towns and cities, but also the often-forgotten rural areas.

We are happy to train helpers in their communities for free (unless they can afford to contribute) and in whatever language is required. They may need to pay for travel and board, but we plan to travel to wherever is needed, with your help this will be possible and you will have helped to create the five thousand new skilled jobs.

The Energy Healers Organisation will be the responsible body to ensure that the people who are trained by the association are done to the highest standard. Although this may be confusing at first when you understand the govt requirements it starts to become clear.

To eliminate conflict of interest the EHA which started this process and grew to represent the community has two functions and therefore two separate organisations with distinctly different functions.

The Energy Healers Association trains and helps the poor and the Energy Healers Organisation has a much narrower mandate to assess trainees and protect the public.

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