Fund Raising

The Struggle For Life

Now its official, the start of something big starts as an idea. As a wish.  A dream. The Energy Healers Organisation is the biggest of its kind in Africa and a world first to achieve something not done in any other country. A unified meeting of minds where many modalities have joined forces to ensure that what until now, has been seen as a fringe or alternative healing section of the health and well being industry is now a formal job creation machine and the public have the knowledge that the standards are of the  highest quality anywhere. Yet like so many other things that started small it was started and run for many years on a shoe string with help from people from many walks of life. The originators often went without to ensure that the dream did not die when all they had to do to have a luxury life was to just give up and give in to the outside forces that wanted to control South African modalities. With the web hosting being scrounged from one of the CEO’s own companies and hosting and web development costs covered just to get the word out,  promotional work done by the other directors at huge personal cost, the persistence is paying off. Its paying off in the way that the dream of sharing the self determination that these techniques allow,to share the knowledge for the community.  From self help to serious quantifiable benefits for the users of the techniques and methods the members of the community of expert practitioners, trainers and recognised quality service providers have been devoting many years of their lives to helping this process be completed. With little or no funding from outside sources the founding directors and committee members have helped in any way they […]