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Firstly, let me say, Thank you.  Thank you for all your support over the years and this long process, we are slowing getting to the end point of one part of the journey and the start of an amazing future. One of our registered trainers has heeded the call to help and has provided us with her latest trainings, please do support her in this and we would love to hear how you enjoyed your training whenever you attend any trainers courses or healing shares. Disclaimer – no energy healing is a religion and must not be promoted nor seen as such. If any attendees has what they term a spiritual experience, that is obviously pleasing for them and we would never deny what people who experience any kind of upliftment, whatever they wish to call it. Gillian has worked in the field of ‘energy healing’ for the past 20 years.   Gillian’s main motivation when working with clients, teaching classes or running workshops is to bring effective ‘Change’ that improves the lives of all she works with. Permitting true and constructive Flow, Joy, Peace and Success to thrive and reflect in all areas of their lives. By following the guidance system of the ‘innate wisdom’  or ‘divine guidance’  which is present in every person, animal or plant  – Extraordinary circumstances can occur – showing up in ‘All’ areas of Life.   Gillian has studied numerous modalities  and various workshops over the span of 20 years, including Reiki to Master & Teacher Level, Egyptian Seikhem to Master & Teacher Level, Spiritual Healing with Linda de Villiers, Kahuna (Lomi Lomi energy massage – used by Shamanic leaders in Hawaii) as instructed by Anthea Hardwick of the Aloha Life Centre, Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, BodyTalk , Mindscape, Breakthrough, Theta Healing, Level 2 Certificate […]