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Our New Monthly Segment – A practitioners journey to healing.

Every month I am asking a practitioner to share their journey to healing to show what they did to gain peace and healing and how they found their modality to the path they now lead. This month is an article by Natalie Lombard, an inspiring journey to health from tragedy. These are the journeys our members go through to find the healing they needed and want to share with you, we have a story today about BodyTalk and how it helped, in a poetic way how the use of a physical change using these techniques helped our member to grow in a way unexpected before change happens. Change happens to us all, read how this change has been useful for Natalie.   Natalie writes – “Meraki” How can you holdthings safe andsteady with othersif you don’t holdthings safe andsteady withinyourself?How can you swim deep intoa soul when youcan’t grasp orignite your own?This is why we dothe work to become.Because, love.Because none of usare truly happywith shallowexistences.But without firstknowing ourselves,we’ll get trappedin tiny ponds.When all we everlonged for was theocean, all along”– Victoria Erikson – December 2004 broke me, shattered me into shards and left me to rot – the sole survivor of a devastatingly tragic car accident… As the clock slowly ticked on and life happened for others, my life pooled in an array of bandages. Attempting to nurse these wounds of immense pain, both of the Heart and the Body to some form of sanity, I “stumbled” upon the aegis of the BodyTalk Modality as a form of healing. Along with this as a steady foundation, I began to explore Yoga as a form of post-traumatic stress therapy. With perseverance, I initiated the beginning of the most outrageous healing experience of my inner landscape and struggled through crushed bones […]