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Practitioners Insurance

You can get that practitioner number and insurance that you need through our recognised association, backed by international underwriters and brokers through the Energy Healers Organisation, the industry body.   *Govt policies require that we have proof, if you are not yet up to standard you can join and get that upgrades you need through CPD and healing circles shares as well as through our approved trainers/instructors members. Once you are proven competent, then you will be issued your practitioner membership certificate which then gives you access to the lower costs of insurance through us by our broker and approved by the Energy Healers Organisation, the industry body for Energy Healing Modalities world wide. We  were part of the process to get this started and part of the team behind getting official recognition,  we can be sure that the minimum standards are there to ensure that the industry never stagnates and that shared information policy ensures that everyone uplifts the quality by experience. With Experiential training the true start is once you are declared competent to practice and you start to really learn by observations during your professional career. Join today and get official recognition worldwide and get an official qualification* recognised by the industry body through the Energy Healers Association and access to low cost insurance backed by world leaders and underwriters for energy healing modalities.

How healing people helps them to let go of addiction

For a long time we have tried to get the message through that helping heal people and their personal issues helps society with the side effects of drug addiction, antisocial behaviour, theft, assault due to robbery to name but a few. It is well known that people who are lonely, sad or depressed, drink and take drugs. So why is it then that society has been incorrectly informed as to the causes?  “Oh get over it”& “Ruk jouself reg”, sound familiar? When someone has a broken leg that wont work now will it?  But help them to see a plan and have support and hope? Then they will grab that with both hands and fight with all their might for the future they want, with family and friends and the full support structure we are supposed to have. The word, Inclusivity, get used to it, learn to love it.its how we will fix what wrong with society, together. We need your help to make this happen and by helping us, you seed the future with a better society. This seed money helps us to help you have a better life by helping people you have never met. By helping us to help you to have a better life by helping people you have never met, you then won’t ever meet them in a dark alleyway. Seed your future with love and help and we can help you to have that better safer future sooner and perhaps even save your life.   Please donate today.

Be Kind To Every Living Thing

For those who do Reiki or any Energy Healing Modality I was asked this question in my inbox. “I was wondering if you could give me some guidelines as to the lifestyle choices a healer should be following? Does one need to keep one’s body and mind free of toxins and substance abuse? If toxins were to be indulged in, how long should one wait before resuming any energy work? Are there any spiritual principles that a spiritual healer should best follow i.r.o sexual behaviour and relationships?” With the exception of being a twit and overindulging in booze and illicit drugs, pretty much anything goes as long as you look after your health and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle. No complicated routines needed other than keeping as fit as you are able to and eating what you can afford within your budget to keep healthy. As far as the last two? the Reiki principles cover this, be kind to every living thing. We do not judge and we do not prescribe who you fall in love with and live your life with. That would be being cruel, not kind. So go forth and be kind to yourself and those whom you deal with every day. Be inclusionary and not exclusionary, share the knowledge in healing circle shares and enjoy your life.

We Represent All Energy Healers

The Energy Healers Association is here to represent all energy healers, we operate out of Africa and at last count are the largest such organisation ( and members association) in Africa. We promote the use and professional representation of energy healing modalities, we have also done a world first by getting Governmental support to write up the international standards for energy healing modalities and while we were at it improved the standards and interoperability of the modalities so that certain common key elements are shared. We have allies in the UK with Alex Kent being very supportive of this initiative. As people all over the world will benefit from the work we are doing in gaining govt recognition, being a professional Natural Energy Healing Practitioner will be respected and insurable. Your association can join and you can then get insurance at a discount through us *once these negotiations are complete and published in the govt press gazette. You then get an internationally recognised number* and as we bring the other benefits online all our allies and recognised quality associations will benefit too. The money we raise for our charitable programs will go towards education of the poor in Energy Healing Modalities and Membership fees will go towards members functions and admin functions. ‪#‎DoGoodBeGoodGiveBack‬ means that our trainers are helping transform the poverty stricken into self empowered people who then go on to get the best out of life and have the tools to self repair. Please do support our charitable drive to promote Energy Healing as you will get a benefit while helping the poor too.

Membership Office Duty Handover

In order to keep the Energy Healers HQ open and operating I have had no choice but to licence New Age‘s brand and provide a local service. Because of the possible conflict of interest of me being a Master Trainer & doing the Membership & Certification office work, I have handed over the certification and membership duties of the EHO & EHA respectively to Dr Sylvester Gasana. This wonderful man has many years international experience in the learning spaces of some of the best universities all over the world and I am grateful to Dr Sylvester Gasana (professor, retired) for his wisdom and kind gentle strength. He provides welcome guidance and advice when needed and if he feels in any way that I am being a tyrant he will stand up and say, stop or provide a stern but gentle nudge. Thank you for your support and thank you Sylvester Gasana for all that you do. As a devout Christian who understands what Energy Healing is and how it is a tool that helps people I value what his experiences have brought to the table. I also wish to thank Steve – Our steadfast co-founder and secretary for being a great hand when needed and providing guidance and advice as well his own perspective with meaty issues. Then there is Nicky Davies an established Energy Healer and trainer for the Energy Healers Association as well as fellow director and committee member. Thank you for your help and direction when I have asked for it and your support for the charity when helps and benefits the poor and empowers the people. Robert D’Aguiar as our Admin Manager for the Energy Healers Organisation who has provided welcome breath of kind gentle skill and knowledge, thank you for your expertise and advice, […]